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Photo courtersy of ABC Radio Sydney: Matt Bamford

The Gamay Rangers care for Country located on Gamay (Botany Bay) in Sydney, New South Wales.


The Ranger’s undertake natural and cultural resource management activities on cultural areas within Botany Bay and on conservation land owned by the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council. Activities of the Gamay Rangers include patrolling the waters of Botany Bay, marine mammal awareness and protection especially the whale, cultural heritage protection and conservation, threatened species management, cultural and environmental awareness for recreational vessel operators and visitor experience.


The Gamay Rangers team work closely with environmental agencies, research institutions and Corporations that operate on or around Botany Bay.


The Rangers have completed nationally accredited and cultural training courses in land management, marine operations and connection to Country to strengthen their professional and cultural capacity.


The Gamay Rangers are primarily funded by the Commonwealth Government's Indigenous Ranger Program. More information about the Indigenous Ranger Program can be found at 


The Gamay Rangers can be contacted on

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