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The La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council provide a number of services as listed below.  To book these services, please complete the form and send it to

Culture & Heritage Advice - As people with cultural connection to coastal Sydney, we are in a position to provide advice on all cultural and heritage-related matters in the region.  For more information, 



Aboriginal Heritage Service - the organisation provides Aboriginal heritage protection services. This includes Aboriginal heritage inspections, Aboriginal heritage monitoring, assistance with archaeological work and Aboriginal heritage inductions as part of a development application consent .

Please refer to our Aboriginal Heritage Service Request Form and Pricing Schedule.

Welcome to Country - A Welcome to Country is performed by an Aboriginal custodian or Elder from the local cultural group who welcomes people to their land.

Please refer to our Welcome to Country Request Form and Pricing Schedule


The La Perouse LALC does not provide smoking ceremonies or dances however we can refer you to an appropriate person or group.


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